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What is Collaborative Law?

Separation is never easy.  The stress generated by the process can push a couple even further apart than they are already.  It can leave them feeling damaged by the process itself and unable to communicate with one and other.  Where children are involved, this can cause even greater problems for the whole family for many years to come.  There is now light at the end of the tunnel.

Experience shows that the way separation is dealt with can make a huge difference to how quickly and fairly issues are resolved and how well couples and children cope after the separation on a personal level and in managing their ongoing family relationships.

Collaborative Law is now a new approach available in the Borders.  Collaborative Law offers a better way of dealing with separation.  Its aims to avoid drawn out legal disputes and to give a couple a way of working out a solution together which suits their circumstances and those of their family.  It allows the separation to be resolved more quickly and above all less painfully.  It aims to allow a couple to directly influence and participate in all decisions relating to their separation.  It is a chance to listen to the other’s viewpoint and have their own viewpoint considered as well.

Collaborative Family Law is available through two Family Lawyers in the Borders. 

Susan Edington of Edingtons, W.S., 88 High Street, Galashiels


Sally Swinney of Blackwood & Smith, W.S., 39 High Street, Peebles.

Both these solicitors are trained in this new procedure and believe that even the most difficult disputes can be resolved if those involved are prepared to recognise and understand the issues which affect the other party.  Above all both solicitors recognise that a good settlement is one in which both parties feel that although they may have had to compromise they have been treated fairly.

Collaborative Law is suitable for couples involved in separation whether married, co-habiting or in Civil Partnership.

If you think this is a process which could benefit you or if you would like advice on any other Family Law matter please contact

Susan Edington on 01896 756161 or email:


Sally Swinney: email:


Collaborative Practice offers separating couples a way to agree their legal separation arrangements and divorce without a court battle and with minimum conflict.
Consensus for separation and divorce with dignity
Consensus Collaboration Scotland is an organisation of Scottish lawyers, family consultants and financial specialists. We offer separating couples a non- confrontational way of agreeing the legal and practical arrangements for their separation and divorce. The Collaborative approach allows couples to reach a good agreement together through supported discussions.



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